Bex Quinlan

Eating Disorder Speaker, Campaigner, Writer, & Vlogger

What I Do

I am in recovery from anorexia and I want to share my experiences to help others. 

I Speak.

I deliver talks, educational sessions, workshops and training around eating disorders and mental health.

I have been in recovery for 9 years. I share my experiences to help, inspire & educate others. I can tailor my talks to suit a range of audiences and ages. Please have a look at my About section for more information on what I do.


I Write.

I blog about eating disorders and mental health

I started blogging in 2016 to share my recovery journey. I discuss eating disorder & mental health topics.  Please have a look at my Blog section for all my blogs.

I Vlog.

I vlog about my eating disorder recovery on my YouTube Channel Bex’s Anorexia Recovery

I started vlogging in 2019 to share my recovery journey. In 2020 I won Vlogger of the Year at The Mental Health Blog Awards. I am still relatively new to it but I hope that in sharing my experiences, I can help & inspire others. My YouTube channel is Bex’s Anorexia Recovery.

My Story -
Rebecca Quinlan

I developed an eating disorder as a teenager. It was my dream to become a professional athlete & I thought that if I lost weight I would run faster. I developed anorexia & spent many years in hospital. I have been in recovery since 2011.

I now blog, vlog, campaign & deliver sessions on eating disorders & mental health.

My Blog

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“ This session was fantastic and informative. Rebecca is an extremely brave and inspiring young lady, to be able to share her experience”

Trainee Child Nurse

“Her bravery and courage really inspired me. I really enjoyed the session and It has made me become so much more aware of what to look out for with patients with eating disorders. After Rebecca’s talk, it has made me want to go on a few bespoke days in an eating disorder unit.”

Trainee Nursing Associate