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Hi! I’m Bex, thank you for visiting. I have suffered with an eating disorder for over 15 years. I am now in recovery & am passionate about raising awareness & understanding of mental health & eating disorders.

My Lived Experiences

My eating disorder started when I was 14. I was a competitive track and field athlete & it was my dream to run for Great Britain. I was convinced that if I lost weight I would run faster. I went to Loughborough University, aged 19, to pursue my dream of becoming a professional athlete. But anorexia took control. Within eight months, I was admitted to an eating disorder unit.

I spent the next three years (between 2008-2011) as a revolving door patient. In those three years, I had three admissions to eating disorder units. Two admissions lasted for a year and one for six months. I was sectioned & tube fed in each admission. Once discharged, within four months I would relapse & be readmitted. But since my discharge in 2011 I have fought to stay well. 

I was discharged in 2011 under a Community Treatment Order (CTO). This helped save my life. It outlined a weight that I could not go below which provided me with the motivation I needed to maintain my weight. It broke the revolving door cycle. The longer I stayed out of hospital, the more I realised that there was more to life than my eating disorder. I started on the journey of recovery & built my life. I went on to complete my degree, work full time as a cook for two & a half years, & complete a Masters.

What I Do Now

I am determined to use my experiences to help others & improve treatment, education & understanding of eating disorders.

I am the Patient & Public Voice (PPV) for Eating Disorders for NHS England. In this role, I represent eating disorder patient views to help develop eating disorder services in the NHS.

I am a campaign volunteer for the eating disorder charity Beat & have acted as an Expert by Experience in a range of settings. This includes being an advisor on a PhD study into eating disorders and CTOs. Through my work with Beat, I have attended Parliament to contribute to round table discussions and lobby days, and have met with MPs to discuss eating disorder services.

I deliver talks & workshops on eating disorders, mental health, & my story to university students, schools, athletics clubs, the NHS, & businesses.

What do I offer?

To find out more about the talks, workshops & training on eating disorders & mental health that I deliver, please click “Work with me” below

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Would you like me to deliver one of these sessions? I would love the opportunity to continue to share my experiences & raise awareness & understanding of eating disorders & mental health. If you are interested, please get in touch using the Contact Me form or email me at [email protected]

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