Bex In The Media

My media appearances

I have appeared in a range of newspapers, magazines, radio shows, & TV programmes. See below for a highlighted selection. If you are planning a story or article & would like to contact me, please click on the Contact link below.



ITV Anglia

An interview about living with an eating disorder for Mental Health Awareness Week

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US News & World Report – Can you become addicted to exercise?

I share my story & experience of exercise addiction

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BBC Morning Live

An interview about the government’s plan to tackle obesity by putting calories on menus and the impact this will have on myself and people with eating disorders.

Closer Magazine – The Lasting Legacy that Nikki is Leaving Behind

I share how much of an inspiration & friend Nikki Grahame was to me & how I am going to live life to the full in her honour.

UNILAD – Eating Disorders Awareness Week: How Lockdown has effected survivors differently

I discuss how I have been impacted by Covid & Lockdown

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BBC Panorama – Sports Hidden Crisis

I shared my experiences of developing an eating disorder as an athlete as part of the BBC 1 documentary.

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Runners World Magazine 

I shared my experiences of how running contributed to the development of my eating disorder but how it has since contributed to my recovery.

Happiful Magazine – How I Fought My Anorexia Demons

I wrote an article about hitting rock bottom and taking on recovery.

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BBC Essex

I spoke about my fundraising for Beat

Mental Health Blog Awards

Winner of Vlogger of the Year 2020. Finalist for Blogger of the Year.


Closer Magazine – Are Anorexia Patients Being Abandoned?

Contributed to an article on eating disorder services & treatment

The Independent – “We Can’t Just Switch It Off”: How it feels to have an eating disorder at Christmas

Sharing my experiences of eating disorders at Christmas

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BBC Radio 5 Live

I spoke about fitness trackers & eating disorders


ITV Anglia

I spoke about my eating disorder journey


Closer Magazine & Fabulous Magazine – Recovering Anorexic Whose Weight Dropped to Five Stone Worked As A Chef…But Never Tasted The Food She Cooked

An article about my eating disorder story.

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