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Bex Quinlan is an international public speaker with several years of experience in delivering talks, workshops, presentations, and lectures on eating disorders, mental health, and her experiences. Read on below for more detail on some of the sessions she offers. And if you want to work with Bex or book one of her sessions, get in touch below or via the contact page. 

What do I offer?

I can deliver a wide variety of talks, workshops & training on eating disorders & mental health.

*All sessions can be delivered remotely. For Qualifications & Training, please see below Feedback & Reviews*

I share my story of how I developed an eating disorder, the treatment I received & my recovery journey. I discuss treatment approaches that have and have not helped me. I explain what it is like living with an eating disorder so that the student’s can gain an in depth understanding. An interactive session is also provided which focuses on the signs & symptoms of eating disorders, statistics, myths & long term effects. 

Students will leave the session with an in depth knowledge of eating disorders, good practice, & how to support those with eating disorders.

These sessions can be adapted for a range of subjects including nursing, psychology & medicine. Typical sessions run from 30 minutes to two hours, & content & length can be adapted depending on your needs.

Workshops on eating disorders, mental health & how to spot the signs. These workshops will open up the conversation about mental health so that students can build their confidence to talk about their mental health. It will also help students develop their skills to manage their mental health and how they can support others.

Sessions are also provided for parents/carers in which I share my story & the role of my parents. The sessions will help parents learn how to spot the signs & symptoms eating disorders & mental health issues, along with how they can best support their child & where to go to for help.

Talks & sessions to NHS staff & hospitals can be delivered to a range of healthcare workers including HCAs, nurses, doctors, psychiatrists, & community teams. I share my own personal story & what has/hasn’t helped whilst being treated in hospitals & in the community.

I explain my experiences of being treated under the Mental Health Act. This includes my experiences of being involved in decision making processes whilst under section.

My role as PPV for eating disorders within the NHS is also discussed & how important it is to use patient experiences to improve practice. 

I share my story of how trying to lose weight in order to become a better athlete resulted in me developing a severe eating disorder and ruined my dreams. I combine my own personal story along with my knowledge as a sport scientist to educate coaches & athletes around weight, training & performance. In sharing my story, I inspire coaches and athletes to pursue their goals in a healthy manner.

Issues around under-fuelling, REDS, & eating disorders in sport are discussed along with signs & symptoms of eating disorders in athletes. As such, coaches & athletes will develop the skills in how to spot eating disorders & how to help. Coaches, athletes & parents will leave the sessions with the knowledge of how important it is to have a healthy, well fuelled body for optimum performance & feeling inspired to achieve their athletic dreams. A handy resource is provided.

I share my eating disorder story & recovery and, in doing so, raise awareness & understanding of eating disorders & mental health issues. I cover what it is like working when you have a mental illness, how to spot the signs, & how to best support those with mental health problems.

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Would you like me to deliver one of these sessions? I would love the opportunity to continue to share my experiences & raise awareness & understanding of eating disorders & mental health. If you are interested, please get in touch using the Contact Me form or email me at

Feedback & Reviews

What are people saying about Rebecca Quinlan sharing her experiences & knowledge of eating disorders & mental health?

“The session was really interesting & it was so brave of Rebecca to speak about her experience of living with an eating disorder & hearing it first hand. I think lots of students could really benefit from a session like this & feel it was very helpful in understanding what we need to ensure we do as students going onto the wards & being in contact with patient’s with eating disorders.”

Student Nurse

University of Northampton

“Another enlightening video. I have never had an eating disorder but you are a testament to people looking to recover from mental illness & eating issues. “


Immersive Sports Science

“A very interesting & informative talk. Thank you Rebecca for opening us all up to the dreadful consequences of eating disorders.”

General Practice Nurse

Mid & South Essex NHS Foundation Trust

Qualifications & Training

Academic Qualifications

  • BSc Sport & Exercise Science (1st Class Honours) – Loughborough University
  • MSc Applied Sport & Exercise Physiology (Distinction) – St Mary’s University

Sporting Qualifications

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer
  • British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences Supervised Sport Scientist
  • The FA Safeguarding Children qualification


The Influence of Tart Cherry Juice in Aiding Recovery after Intermittent Exercise (Oct 2019) – The International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance.

Other Qualifications & Training

  • Mental Health Awareness Qualification
  • DBS Certified
  • Beat – Treatment Models that Empower Families (2020)
  • Royal College of Psychiatrists Eating Disorder Conference (2019)
  •  Beat – Eating Disorder Transitions (2019)       


Conference Presentations

  • Eating Disorders in Sport – Beat International Conference 2022
  • Community Treatment Orders & Eating Disorders – Beat International Conference 2021, & Royal College of Psychiatrists Conference 2021.
  • Community Treatment Orders & Eating Disorders – Royal College of Psychiatrists Conference 2021   

Book Rebecca

Would you like me to deliver one of these sessions? I would love the opportunity to continue to share my experiences & raise awareness & understanding of eating disorders & mental health. If you are interested, please get in touch using the Contact Me form or email me at

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