Rebecca Quinlan - Book

Running Free: My Battle with Anorexia

Running Free: My Battle with Anorexia
By Rebecca Quinlan


Running Free: My Battle with Anorexia tells the story of how I developed severe anorexia nervosa but, after several years of acute suffering from this dreadful condition, have managed to embark upon a steady process of recovery. I was first diagnosed with anorexia aged 19, although anorexia had started to enter my mind in my early adolescence. 

I was a competitive athlete & hoped to pursue it as a career. It was when I started at Loughborough University & was training with athletes preparing for the Beijing Olympics in 2008, that anorexia truly started to take over my life. My dreams of becoming an Olympian slipped away as I fell into the grips of anorexia. I was admitted to an eating disorder hospital on the brink of death. 

For several years later, I was a revolving door patient and, on each admission into hospital, I was told it was touch and go if I survived. My book tells the story of my struggle with anorexia & now my journey to recovery.